About Us

Brace yourself…you are about to enter Boulder Hot Sauce. Don’t be afraid, we are not some clunky practical joke of a hot sauce guaranteed to cause you untold minutes of agony and a longing for gallons of cold drink. Boulder Hot Sauce is riding on the cusp of a new revolution in hot sauce, one in fact that we created. We are not the heat you add to a condiment but the condiment itself. Our customer tends to eat for the chance to taste Smokey Serrano or Harry’s Habanero first; and to conquer appetite second. Here are the reasons why:

100% Fresh Ingredients: No fillers or congealers, sweet Carrots thicken our sauce naturally.

Great Flavor: We make a gourmet condiment, not a trendy too-hot product marketed to practical jokers.

No Sugar Added: All the wonderful sweetness comes from select carrots and Sweet Spanish Onions.

Quality Control: We are not mass-produced; I make every small batch myself!

Personal Attention: Our toll free number is on every bottle, we invite you to call anytime to ask about the product or ingredients, share recipes, or just to chat about good food and great hot sauce.